Camp Witness

   Established 1944

 $25,000 Matching Gift Campaign

Over the last few years, Camp Witness has made numerous improvements to the facilities of camp.  This is an ongoing effort.  In 2017, we are pleased to announce the donation of 7 acres of land and associated  buildings formerly known as Valley Grove Community Church.  The $25,000 matching gift and matching funds will be used to support ongoing projects at both properties in 2018.  

Your contributions help us move this project along.   


The 4-plex project is almost completed:

Each year has seen a growth in participation with more SYC hunters/campers and many more volunteers.  

Cabins specially designed to meet the needs of our SYC hunters became a priority.  Thus was born the 4-plex project.  After breaking ground in the spring of 2015, several groups of volunteers have helped to take a concept and make it a reality.  

The well, AC/Heat and bathrooms are now functional.  Most of what remains is behind the scenes items.  

Theses will be a great asset for both SYC and camp in general.