Camp Witness

   Established 1944

Q:What time is check-in/daily drop-off?

A: Check-in on Monday morning is between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM.  Staff will check on expected drop off times for the remainder of the week that first day.  Main activities start at 8:00 AM with breakfast.  

Q:What time is check-out/Pick-up?

A: Pick up each day is between 5:00 and 5:30.  If you need to pick up your child after 5:30, please make arrangements in advance.  

Q: At what age can my child start coming to camp?

A: Day camp is for children entering K to 4th in the coming school year.   

Q: Can my child come if he/she has food allergies?

A: Yes. When you sign your child up for camp let us know what there allergies are and we will accommodate accordingly.

Q: If my child can’t keep their cell phone, how will they get pictures of camp?

OR Q: Are pictures available of my camper at Camp?

A:  Camp Witness is partnering with Waldo Photos to make available camp pictures in a convenient format for parents and family.  See Our Waldo Photo Information Page.

Q: Are there discounts available?

A: Yes. See our discount page.

Q: Are there scholarships available?

A: Yes. See our discount page.

Q: What should my camper bring or NOT bring to camp?

A: What to bring to camp:

Swim Suit


Life Jacket

Water Shoes

Water Bottle




PLEASE LABEL AS MANY ITEMS AS YOU CAN.  Camp has a significant amount of lost and found each summer.  What NOT to bring to camp  (Parents:  Please assist in this area)

◾Extra food (unless it is because of specific food allergies)

◾Fireworks, knives, firearms or any type of weapon.

◾Cell phones or any electronic devices, including iPods & mp3 players , especially those that are internet capable.  In 2014 and following, we started having cell phones checked in at registration.  It is best if phones remain with parents at check in or are left home.  (Note to Campers: We promise you wont die without your tech.) NOTE:  An old fashioned paper Bibles is available if you don’t have one other than your phone.


Day Camp Frequently asked questions.